Words Within Words

1 min readJan 24, 2024

The path can be found in sympathy and empathy.

It’s so easy to believe a lie because a lie is at the center of believe.

Assassination is so bad it has two asses in it.

Creationism has done a lot of harm to our country’s intelligence quotient. No wonder creationism can be rearranged to spell nation crimes.

Look at the palindrome, Madam in Eden, I’m Adam. Not only is it the same forwards and backwards, but its letters can be rearranged to reveal that God was not so sure about his new creation: “I… I made a damned man!”

Compassion shows the way because it starts with a compass.

Every question starts with a quest.

You can tell a true community because it always ends with unity.

You are inside everything that is joyous.

Youth will always have you in it.

You will always be in everything young.

Even though they are odd numbers, seven and eleven are both mostly even.

Try taking a retreat in a forest. After all, a forest is for rest.

Not to be arrogant, but you really can’t have an America without me, Eric, in it.