Words of Wisdumb

3 min readJan 29, 2024
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Yet another post of random stuff that spurted forth from my prefrontal cortex and/or temporal lobe. Additional credit due to my limbic system.

Only by looking in the dryer can we truly expect to find our lip balm.

Instead of trying to give meaning to your life try to give life to your meaning.

I get all my drugs at the Pharmers Market.

Abdomination is domination by abs.

Ponder this: why do we say “on the East Coast” but “in the Midwest”? Why not on the Midwest or in the East Coast?

All of the knees in Japan are Japanknees.

The artichoke is one of the more violent vegetables.

I like to stand in the produce department and wait for someone to buy leeks so I can point and announce, “This person just took a leek!”

Do Cardi B’s children call her Cardamom?

Reasonable poop is scato-logical.

Very disappointed to find out that acrobats are just humans who don’t even wear bat costumes.

Possyllable: a word with any number of possible syllables.

  • My brand of suspenders will be called “Suspenders of Disbelief.”
  • My counter top store will be called “Counter Insurgency.”
  • Housing for people in recovery should be called Rehabitat for Humanity
  • My brand of floss will be called Flossophy
  • My door store will be located in Dorchester and will be called Doorchester.
  • My sodding supply shop will be called “I’m a Lazy Sod.”
  • My produce market will be called “We Produce the Produce.”
  • My county tea will be called CounTea
  • My city tea will be Calle CiTea
  • My combination book publishing/bar/delicious treats joint will be called Pub Licious.
  • My sustainable planet will be called PlanNet Zero.

Because there is way too much love in the world, here are Things I Hate:

That the only power jack on a Mac is on the left side which is always the wrong side

People saying they are vegetarian “except…”

Judges who sentence whistleblowers to 5 years in prison for releasing the tax records of billionaire tax cheats and say the whistleblowers are as bad as the January 6th insurrectionists and go on to lament that they were only charged with one count.

People who are reformists until they are in positions of power and then they personally identify with the institution they serve and become its apologist and protector

Founders of ostensibly progressive organizations who suffer from founder’s syndrome and should just get out of the way

Ego-maniacal benevolent White overlords of institutions serving People of Color

People being in favor of peace only between wars

The person who came up with the term “eco-terrorist”

Probation officers, cops, prosecutors, judges, parole board members and anyone else in the “justice” system wielding practically unchecked power over others.

Absurdly short cords for appliances

Just kidding about the too much love thing. It’s good to vent sometimes. If you love, hate, or are indifferent toward this post, please check out my OCD-Free blog on this very same electronic device you are holding or have implanted in your brain.