Pandemic Band Names & (hu)More!

Pandemic Band Names

  • The Variants
  • Third Wave
  • Death Rate
  • Butt Covid
  • Trans Mission
  • Contagion
  • KwornTeen
  • Task Force
  • Bubble
  • The Mutations
  • Nose Swab
  • Rona Core
  • Bandemic
  • Herd Mentality
  • Panda Pandemic
  • Hot Cocovid
  • Medi-Sinners
  • The Outbreak Dancers
  • The Hot Spots

Horrible Puns with Nowhere to Go Except this Post

When politics makes you laugh, it politickles.

When a poem is bad, it’s a real Crhyme.

You can only relate to something if you’ve been late to it before.

They could have called a vomitorium a Regurgi-Station.

B.S. that’s extra far-fetched is an Impossibullity.

If you tie a tie out of dyed Thai cacti, it’s a tied Thai tie dyed cacti tie.

Painful Truths

  • Stretch Armstrong was in agony the whole time
  • Barbie doll that never caught on: Klaus Barbie
  • When shipwrecked, Captain Crunch was eaten by his crew
  • When 6G is introduced, conspiracy theorists will demand to stick with 5G
  • Every night when stars burn little holes in the sky it causes God searing pain
  • Trees don’t like you
  • Furry animals rightly think that humans are gross looking

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