My Latest Book is a Thing You Can Buy!

2 min readSep 15, 2023


Some people are calling it “a book.” I call it “a book that I wrote.”

My new book, OCD-Free

You may know me as that guy who walked by eating pizza the other day. Or perhaps you know my wacky comedic work on Youtube. But I also blog about OCD! And I successfully grew a tomato plant once. But enough about me!

This is a link to my book on obsessive-compulsive disorder.

For most of my life, I was the king of OCD. Picture OCD. Now picture it 1,000 worse. That was me. I freed myself from my OCD, and I think others can too, withoiut the use of drugs or therapy. It’s a book of essays, meditations, short stories, poems and suggested practices to help you recover from OCD. The book chronicles my spiritual journey to freedom from OCD.

Buy it for yourself, your neighbor, your neighbor’s cat — anyone with OCD, anxiety or intrusive thoughts.

In case you forgot to click above, here is the link to my book.

Thank you! Make me rich! Just kidding. I doubt I’ll even recoup all the money I’m spending buying family members copies of my book. But I do think it’s a worthwhile book, richly illustrated, very short chapters, which makes it an easy and, hopefully worthwhile, read.

Thank you. Oh, look… another link… I wonder where it will take you?