Monstermon Cards

2 min readApr 20, 2024
Copyright 2024 Eric Spears

When I was teaching second graders, I was frustrated by a lack of engaging books for students who were socially adjusted to second grade but reading below grade level. The books available to them had baby-ish themes and were physically smaller than the book the rest of the kids could read. That’s why I wrote Monstermon Cards. It’s a short book with a theme taken straight from the experiences of second graders. Unlike most books used to teach reading to struggling readers, it’s a chapter book, and can be enjoyed by any student.

Copyright 2024 Eric Spears, Illustration by David White

Monstermon Cards is a “hi-lo” book–written at a first grade level, it can be enjoyed by students in second grade or above. Monstermon cards can be integrated into the classroom or enjoyed with your child at home. Children find the issues presented in the book familiar and engaging. The hilarious illustrations are by my son, David White.

Do not confuse Monstermon Cards with a violent video game created by someone who stole the title. I am the trademark holder, and the book is about solving problems peacefully, with a win-win outcome.

You can purchase copies of Monstermon cards here.