Messages Sent!

1 min readOct 30, 2023

Another lesson learned from the Trump years …


We send messages to the world!

Messages! That’s our job. We send them through Twitter & through bombs. Sometimes we send them through hush money. Here are our some of most recent messages:

Hello world! We can blow you up!

Hi World. We will kill people to punish people for killing people the wrong way.

How’s it going World? Other people can’t have the same weapons we can. Or we will use those weapons to kill those people.

Howdy World! Your dictators are evil! Our dictators are doing a great job.

Good morning World! We never said what we are recorded having said. Whoever told you we did say that is your enemy and can not be trusted.

Dear World, Our previous statements, promises, treaties, etc., were made by our previous (bad) leaders and are no longer operative.

Good Day, World! It’s not interference in our elections if you help to elect the right politicians.

Watch out, World! People who are different than you want to take things away from you.

Good afternoon World. The people in power are the ones who are the real victims here!

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