Latest Releases from the Department of New Definitions

2 min readSep 12, 2023
  1. Retire: Replacing worn tires
  2. Accidental: Mistake made by a dentist
  3. Dishonest: An innovative way to stack dishes (pronounced “dish-o-nest”)
  4. Prompromiscuity: Promiscuity at the prom
  5. Promising: A group singalong at the prom
  6. Promissing: A lost prom
  7. Category: Describes a gory movie about zombie cats
  8. Forgetting: In favor of getting something (“I’m all forgetting cheeseburgers!”)
  9. Bandaid: from Danté: “A bandaid all hope ye who enter here with a boo-boo.”
  10. Explain: Formerly plain… now fancy!

Some more Wordiferous Wanderings:

  • Ponderance, as in I pose this question for your ponderance….
  • Wordiferous, like vociferous, but can be silent & must involve many words….
  • Particularity, a specific, unique idea or thing….
  • Particurarity, a rare particularity….
  • Farticulate, to emphasize a spoken point with a fart….
  • Chocollate (from chocolate + collate), to organize your chocolates…. (as distinct from chocolatte, a delicious coffee drink)
  • Napocalypse, a disastrous nap that leads you more tired than before….
  • Tempermanent, as in an allegedly temporary plastic sheeting affixed to a broken car window that becomes permanent….
  • Factfarter*, as in a person who wordiferously touts his or her alleged expertise and just won’t shut up….

*That one thanks to Mike Whybark

But wait! There’s more!

Anonymoose — a moose in the witness protection program

Cleanstrosity—A cleaning frenzy

And finally, ponder this:

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joseph Biden each have 11 letters in their names. And most ominously, so does Ron DeSantis.

Have a great day!