Heretofore Unknown Science

The History of the Bathroom Mirror

Originally, there were two competing versions of the mirror, Tesla’s, which reversed the image so that your right was on the left side of the image, much like a video monitor, and Edison’s, that won out, with the now ubiquitous “mirror image.”

The year was 1866. Tesla believed, with some prescience, that people would develop an inverted mental image of themselves if mirrors worked the way Edison was proposing. Edison, for his part, told the press that Tesla’s “True View” mirror would allow demons to emerge from the mirror universe that would eat the souls of law abiding captains of industry.

Edison also declared it proof of Tesla’s insanity that his rival predicted that Edison’s mirrors would lead to a “reality teleplay host of ill repute” being elected President in 150 years.


Dark Matter isn’t So Dark

For over 450 years, astronomers have known that over 95% of matter is so-called dark matter. None of them thought to mention this to the public however, until 1933 when Fritz Zwicky quipped at a cocktail party that his wife was having an affair with a man who interacted weakly, or not at all with light.

Recent observations by the Large Interesting Telescope (GIT) have revealed that dark matter is actually quite bright, but can only be seen by the naked eye when the observer pushes their thumbs into their eye sockets hard enough to kill themselves, but not before getting a glimpse of dark matter’s glow, which is said to be quite beautiful. Instructions are posted on NASA’s website.


New Insight into Bird Migration

It was long thought that Birds migrate to find climates suitable in various seasons for food or nesting. It is now known that the real reason birds migrate is to get away from other, more annoying, birds.


What is fire?

When you peer into the flames of a campfire, you may think you are seeing some sort of glow given off by electrons as oxygen burns. That is a common fallacy. What you are actually seeing is the release of the souls of trees. Tree souls are released at 300 degrees Celsius.



Because of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, no matter how smart you are, you remain stupid, relative to Einstein.



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