Finally, Some Poems by a Non-Poet!

The Ways We Love

The ways we love

Are surface ripples

What is underneath?

I don’t know myself

I don’t know my self

How the Sailor Landed

The old sailor ceased to seize the seas

She waved the waves goodbye

For her, the current was no longer current

The swells no longer swell

Her spirit was not buoyed by the buoys

Adrift would she now be, like a driftwood on the sea

But she refused to see the sea

Her appetite no longer whet for body that was wet

And this is how she landed.

Eye Sea Ewe by the Si

Eye Sea ewe bye the si

Eye you stew no ewe.

Eye you stew carry four ewe

May bee eye eight ewe.

Hugh are ewe, penny weigh?

In crease sing lee, eye won dare:

Argue real lee ewe?

Ore, argue sum won Hugh own Leigh a piers two bee ewe?

Eye donut no. End I donut car.

Rye sing si level

Si level is

A palindrome

Sea level is

A palinode

See level is

A pal of mine

Si level is

Heigh, high and and hi!




Walk softly and carry a big schtick.

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Walk softly and carry a big schtick.

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