Exclamation Points are Only the Beginning!

2 min readMay 10, 2022


“Punctuation” by Daisybrain

Why stop at exclamation points when there are so many more possibilities? Like …

Expiration point: ⚘

You have to use this one quickly because it expires. Use it in sentences such as: “The bread will soon be too moldy to eat⚘” or “We only have a few summers left before global warming will melt our eyeballs⚘” or “Democracy and human rights⚘”

Explanation point: ⍙

Use this to explain away something: “The new morality says ethics depends on which party the accused is a part of and who has endorsed them ⍙”

Expectation Point: ☄︎

Use this to emphasize the expected: “I’m buying up end-of-the-world stocks. When the asteroid hits, I’m gonna be a millionaire☄︎”

Exasperation point:

Use this one to express frustration and hopelessness: “A shrinking minority raced-based party is consolidating power in the US by anti-democratic means. I am frustrated and feel hopeless⍼”

Explication point: ☧

Use this to explain art: “It’s beauty is in its refusal to capitulate to its negative space☧”

Extrication point:

Use this punctuation when trying to get out of something: “I wish I could stay longer, but I got a text from my cat saying my spare feet are in fire⍢”

Execration point: ♅

Use this one when denouncing a person, place or thing: “That’s just typical of doors♅”

Exultation point:♌︎

Use the exultation point when praising a person, place or thing: “Doors♌︎ They make entering and exiting a breeze♌︎”

Exhortation point: ⚗︎

When pleading for something: “I implore you⚗︎ Please vote in the presidential race⚗︎ As a California resident, your vote counts for almost 1/3 of a Wyoming vote in our glorious electoral college system of play democracy⍾”

Examination point:

Use when delving into the details: “According to my calculations, Our government’s strong commitment to fighting climate change will keep the human race alive for at least an extra few months⍾”




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