Desperately Important New Words and Thoughts from Daisybrain

2 min readAug 25
© Daisybrain

Unlike some new word sites, you do not have to pay me a royalty every time you use these words. But a tip would be nice.

Flossophy — the philosophy of dental care

Interestingray — an interesting stingray

Coffeefee — the price of a cup of coffee

Kosherlock Holmes — The Israeli version of the BBC series

Homicider — Cider so good you’d kill for it

Peter Pancake — The name I would give my pancake restaurant

Crust Station — The name I would give my seafood-themed pizza restaurant

Zombieber — What I would call Justin Bieber, were he to become one of the undead. Or, perhaps the name for a very devoted fan.


The following phrases, in quotation marks to preserve their integrity, receive no Google hits, as of this writing:

  1. “I am a sentient cauliflower”
  2. “Nobody wore my pants”
  3. “The human butt is highly intelligent”
  4. “Keanu Reeves knows how to act” (Full disclosure, it gets one hit, but the page is no longer up)


Desperately Important Questions (DIQ):

  • Is there a Katmandon’t for those who don’t like Katmandu?
  • What happens if your conjoined twin is convicted of murder and gets the death sentence?


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