Blow Your Mind with these Totally Random Blog Post Items

Aug 30, 2023


Catchy Slogans Seemingly Devoid of Meaning:

  • Ignore the ignorant!
  • Expunge the sponges!
  • Down With Gravity!
  • Freedomination!

Band Name Ideas:

  • High Bias
  • Fresh Beets
  • The Notables
  • Hippopotamusic
  • Chronotes
  • The Acappellastics
  • Benedict CumberBach
  • Bandrogynous
  • Ignoramusic
  • Possihibillities
  • Urband
  • Suburband
  • Bandrew Jackson
  • Bandtastic!
  • Albert Camusic
  • A flower shop: Flower to the People
  • A gardening store: Mulch Ado Abut Nothing. When it goes out of business, I’ll put up a big sign that says, “I don’t get out mulch anymore.”
  • A canning factory: Yes, We Can
  • A lute store: Abso-Lutely
  • A nail salon: Stand By Your Manicure

Thankfully, that’s all for now. Be sure to subscribe to my poetry blog on Substack: Withered Stumps of Time.